By now, I think everyone knows the benefits of our carbon spokes. The spokes are lighter and stronger than their traditional steel counter-parts. Not convinced? Check out Luescher Teknik’s video on them here:

However, many people still have the perception that carbon spokes will be fragile and will fail in the event of an accident. While it’s true that they’re not indestructible (no spoke is) they’re a lot tougher than most people think.

That’s what Vitto found out the hard way when riding in Shanghai last month. He was riding with a group at 35-40km/h when a large branch got flicked up and wedged between the spokes of his HYPER wheels. The branch slammed into the seatstays of his aluminum bike bending them both instantly and locking the rear wheel dead. (Causing a huge flat spot on his tire.)

The amazing thing about this one-in-a-million event, was that the wheels were fine. Not even a single broken spoke, and the wheels were still true. Unfortunately his frame was damaged beyond repair but at least he has a nice set of wheels waiting for his new frame to come…I heard he has a T1500 frame on the way from RNCC in Shanghai.

So there ya go, a fairly anecdotal tale, and something we hope never happens to anyone, but we hope sharing this tale with you gives you a bit more piece of mind when riding your HYPER wheels. We still recommend taking good care of your wheels and regularly inspecting the spokes for damage. If you do find any damaged spokes, you can swap them out for the spare spokes we provide. We also have a video showing you how to do that here: